About Us

Welcome to our family!

Hi! I am Docile Ferreira 23 y/o from Mumbai, I am currently perusing my M. Phil degree in English literature. I am also a ‘Raw Dog Food Nutrition’ Specialist. So I and my GSD girl Dusky; are the two faces behind the brand Woof & Wags.


I always wanted to be an independent women. Since art and craft were my forte I decided to start Woof & wags. We started with a different name and single product online store. Eventually, we were showered with more love than we expected. All thanks to the amazing and co-operative customers we had since the beginning. Also my dad being pretty much impressed by my work, gifted me a sewing machine and Voila! that’s when we were on full swing. We started introducing and experimenting on new products. Today we have a wide range of products- Bow-ties, Bandana, Collars, Jerky, Liver bites and chew. That’s not it, we have more up-coming products in the pipeline. Today, I can proudly mention that, we have not received any negative feedback yet. And that’s what keeps me going.






Since the beginning , our sole concern is to provide satisfaction to all our paw-stomers. All our products are handmade with love. Our accessories are 100% stitched to make them more sustainable. I have been travelling to and fro for sourcing the best quality raw-material to places as far as 80-90km away from my house. In case of treats and chew, we make sure that they go through the process of U.V sterilization before packing them.